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I'll cross this country on a frequency

The static's where you'll find me

28 September
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Live a life less ordinary with me.
, a good story, a revolution every day, abandoned buildings, activism, alternative education, anti-classism, anti-racism, anti-war, art, aushi, australia, barbed wire fencing, bedrooms without leaving, being barefoot, black and white photographs, boy pants on girls, california, cantaloupe, car crashes, caves, cellos, clean clothes, comics, compassion, computers, concerts, cooperation, cuddling, dancing, do not enter, don't give up, don't take it seriously, drawing, dreams, driving, entropy, exploring, fearlessness, fresh fruit, gay rights, girls, good books, good clean fun, good music, graphic design, guitar, headaches, heat, highland weedw^hackers, hiking, hot, hours spent writing emails, individuality, inner beauty, insominia, intellect, jazz, kitties, laughing, laughing in bed, liberal, libraries mean everything, linux, look at the stars, love, mental health, moon, myers-briggs, negative space, nice people, nikon, npr, ocean, painting, parking citations, pda's, peace, people watching, photography, poking the ceiling, politics, public transportation, punctuation, rain, reading, retro, road trips, roofs, running, saving the earth, saving the world, screenprinting, seasons, separate art from artist, sexy dorks, short hair, signal to noise ratio, sleep or lack thereof, smores, social justice, speaking out, spontaneous people, stargazing, stars, storms, summer without end, synonyms for crazy, the smell of books, theatre, thinking, trail running, train hopping, train stations, train yards, travelling, truth, tunnels, unpretentious photography, urban exploration, vagabonding, vegetarian food, walking in the rain, warm, water, white noise, women, words, writing all the time, youth